Equipment Types

We have a wide variety of trailer types to choose from, to carry many different types of cargo.

Each type of trailer is suitable for a specific purpose.

Whether we use reefer trailers, distribution trailers or curtainsiders, we can always keep an eye on your load. We have installed GPS devices on trailers in our fleet. This way we keep an overview of your cargo everywhere.

  • Trailer with Tail lift

    When your international last-mile delivery requires a tail-lift, our trailers are a perfect solution.

    When you have to deliver straight to one or more individual receivers like shops, wholesalers or smaller factories we can arrange for pallets up to 1000kg in weight/pallet.

    Our drivers will also bring a pallet truck.

  • Curtain Side

    Curtain side trailers are designed to give easy access to your cargo and are used in a wide variety of different industries for different cargo types.

    They are also equipped to be used on Multimodal transports

  • Box Trailer + Temp Controlled

    A box trailer is one of the most common trailers in the road transport industry. This type of trailer is typically used for transporting high-value cargo.

    Half of our fleet are box trailers and the other half are temperature-controlled trailers (with double loading floor and dual temperature).

    Temperature controlled, Refrigerated & Frozen -25°C • +2°C • +8°C • +15°C • +25°C